Sunday, August 19, 2007

In the box was a pair of Radio Shack Science Fair Kits. WoW A large part of my childhood's past came flooding back! When I was a young person Radio Shack was one of the top eletronics Stores in the nation. The Shack had a large array of kits geared to get young people into electronics.

Well back at the Estate sale, We find Tim and myself grinning from ear to ear. I could feel the hand starting to grip the box very tight now. What this means is , The price on a item could be .04 to $400.00 it makes no never mind. I was going to buy the item. done!

After giving the rest of the sale a half assed look I was off to pay for my new goody! Tim and I jumped up into the pickup and slammed the doors. The box had been plopped on the center console and like kids at a party the box was torn to shreds, more like a small animal that had been fellen by a pack of hungry wolfs. You had to be there.

My hand had retrived the Shack's VHF reciever. "show in the photos" A wave of memories came back to me. I had gotten this as a gift on my "well I dont know how old I was "birthday.

How this started

Well , Every Sat. My friend Tim and I Get together for the guy's day out. This starts about 11.00 AM and ends , well when it ends.

Lately We have been going to Estate sales. I kinda feel like a Racoon pawing thought someone else's stuff. But I must admit I do like looking at the older stuff people have in there homes. Kinda neet!
Tim and I went to a sale the other day that Kinda hit me in a weird way. I was looking at the stuff in the basement. I pulled a box marked $4.00 off a crummy shelf and. Ha, I turned to Tim and said "Tim look at this." He replyed"Wow , I remember that."